African American Women of the Old West

The brave pioneers who made a life on the frontier were not only male—and they were not only white. The story of African American Women of the Old West is one that has largely gone untold--until now. The story of ten African American women is reconstructed from historic documents found in century-old archives. The ten remarkable women in African American Women of the Old West were all born before 1900, some were slaves, some were free, and some lived both ways during their lifetime. Among them were laundresses, freedom advocates, journalists, educators, midwives, business proprietors, religious converts, philanthropists, mail and freight haulers, and civil and social activists. These remarkable trailblazers found a way to live outside the parameters that society had set for them and they show us today that determination and belief in oneself are the cornerstones to success.

ISBN 978-0-7627-3900-4 
Paperback: 176 pages 

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