It Happened on the Oregon Trail

It Happened on the Oregon Trail includes twenty-nine unusual, remarkable, and little-known events that happened along the trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon's Willamette Valley during the wagon train era. Read about Rufus K. Porter, who developed a plan to fly people to Oregon in hot air balloons; Emily Fisher, a former slave, who ran a hotel that catered to westward travelers; about Lafayette Tate, who experienced "trail justice" for committing murder; about Catherine Hickman and David Parks, who met on the trail and were married in a trailside wedding; and Solomon Butcher, a frontier photographer, who captured life on the Great Plains. It Happened on the Oregon Trail reveals the hidden stories of fascinating people and events resurrected from the journals, diaries, and personal letters of the pioneers from the 1840s through the 1890s

ISBN 978-0-7627-7220-9
Paperback: 206 pages

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