An Ohio native, Tricia was born in Wadsworth and grew up in Toledo with her parents and four siblings. She has fond childhood memories of playing in the woods that surrounded her home as well as the giant sand box in their backyard, both of which gave birth to her creativity and love of the outdoors. Her ideal get-away vacation is hiking at Lake Tahoe (CA), sailing on the lake, doing SUP (stand-up paddle boarding), driving through the mountains listening to incredible music, and eating gourmet meals at some of her favorite restaurants in Tahoe.

Tricia attended the University of Toledo and Miami University. As an elementary teacher she taught second and third grade and was also a reading specialist in both Ohio and Illinois. While working on her masters she taught in the Chicago suburbs where she and her husband lived for thirteen years.

Not only does Tricia say that she is “lucky in love,” but she also claims that she married her “tech support guy.” Her husband, Mark, took her kicking and screaming into the world of computers, which has simplified her life immensely as a writer.

Tricia and Mark and their two children, Kelsey and Mitch, have moved around the country with his job living in the suburbs of Chicago and San Francisco. They now make their home at Lake Norman, North Carolina, along with their Brittany Spaniel, Tiger.